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  • Hi, I saw your message on w:c:Fitness, I listed that and this Diet wiki as well as w:c:StartingStrength on the homepage of a wiki I've been using to consolidate some strength-related media.

    Was wondering if you would be interested in some kinda mutual agreement to interlink the projects, perhaps with some mind for eventual consolidation if that 'healthy living' thing occurs, dunno. Barring that a ring structure would still be interesting.

    BTW why not just adopt this thing as an admin from Hardgre136? Only one edit in December?

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    • HI Tycio!

      I'm sorry- I just saw your message today! Thanks so much for reaching out. I would definitely be interested in a crossover between Fitness Wiki and Diet Wiki. I will definitely try to link to the Fitness wiki as much as possible.

      I would become admin except I'm actually a staff member at Wikia! I just really enjoy contributing on the Diet Wiki. Would you have any interest in adopting the Wiki or becoming an admin? I would love the help!

      Thanks for your message :D


      Ariana@fandom 20:43, June 18, 2013 (UTC)

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    • I don't think I know enough about diet for that, lol.

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    • No worries! Feel free to contribute fitness articles to the wiki (or anything else you are interested in!)

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